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"EVERTON FIRMEZA is a bassist and composer who has always had experimentalism as his trademark."

   A brazilian that looks to the world, this is how EVERTON FIRMEZA sees himself and is seen. In his 15 years of career the 30-year-old musician born and raised in São Paulo has already an experience and artistic maturity as like lot of plus aged musicians.
   FIRMEZA has begun his music studies at age 7, in the school where he studied, being always one of the best students. Many years later he discovered he had already absolute pitch at the time.
   At age 12 he started his studies in the bass guitar playing Rock and the FM Popular Repertoire at bars, parties and public events. His technical and musical development came together with an interest for Classic Rock, Jazz, Brazilian Music, and soon after that for Classical and Experimental Music.
   At age 18 FIRMEZA moved to Belo Horizonte for the Classical & Experimental Composition Bachelor Degree at the very praised and straightforward UFMG School of Music, one of the best universities in Brazil. At that period Everton could experiment and develop many projects in a lot of different styles and concepts: he played in Jazz, Brazilian Music, Pop, Choro and Contemporary Classical Music ensembles, worked as sound technician, wrote arrangements for different ensembles, composed electroacoustic and electronic music, studied and acted in theater and clown plays, researched sound-image relationships and organized music festivals just to tell some of them. He also studied with many well respected musicians such as Cliff Korman, André Mehmari, Itiberê Zwarg, Itamar Collaço, Adriano Campagnani, Enéias Xavier, Guto Bambrilla, Fausto Borém, Fernando Rocha, João Pedro Oliveira and Oiliam Lanna among many others.
   After graduating FIRMEZA decided to specialize himself as Bassist and Composer and to embrace Brazilian Music, Jazz and Experimental Music as his universes. Since 2012 Everton could participate of the experimental ensemble D E R I V A SONS and brazilian choro quartet Assanhado, to act as bassist and music producer of singers Maíra Labanca, Nego Henrique and to deepen his studies in Brazilian and traditional Jazz at the Berklee-associated Souza Lima Consevatory, in São Paulo.
   In 2015 Everton went to live and work in the cultural and cosmopolitan city of Brussels where he is already playing and developing new projects with talented musicians from different countries and artistic backgrounds. Some of the most sucessful to the moment are the Clube do Choro de Bruxelas (Brussels Choro Club) and his Trio, with a lot more yet to come.
   EVERTON FIRMEZA has already presented all over Brazil and also in Argentina, in Belgium and Cuba. If in Brazil or outside, his music always praise his country and the Musical, Artistic and Cultural richness, as a way to give great value to its traditions and to consolidate its reputation as a important cultural reference in world's contemporary multifaceted scenario.

Everton Firmeza Trio

"EVERTON FIRMEZA TRIO explores the rich intersections between Brazilian, Jazz & Experimental Music in a contemporary version of the piano, bass & drums trio."

  Besides Everton's original compositions the public can also enjoy a rich and varied repertoire in which the Brazilian musical tradition is played in a modern and yet light and amusing way.

   Everton Firmeza (Brazil / Portugal) - electric & acoustic bass, compositions & arrangements

   Piergiorgio Pirro (Italy) - piano, keyborads & accordeon
   Christi Joza Orisha (Benin) - drums & percussion

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